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Files in the Directory A Study on Financial Health of Cement Industry- “Z” Score Analysis..pdf
An Analysis of Capital Market Issues in Indian Primary Market.pdf
An Analysis of Indian Capital Market.pdf
An Assessment of Correlation between Twitter Sentiments Indicators and Stock Market Indicators, with Reference to BSE and NSE in India.pdf
An Empirical Analysis of January Anomaly in the Indian Stock Market.pdf
An Empirical Analysis of Optimal Portfolio Selection using Sharpe’s Optimization.pdf
An Empirical Analysis of Semi- Month and Turn of the Month Effect in Indian Stock Market.pdf
An Empirical Examination of Returns of Select Asian Stock Market Indices.pdf
An Empirical Note on Delhi Weather Effects in the Indian Stock Market.pdf
An Empirical Study on Seasonal Analysis in the Indian Stock Market.pdf
Analysis of Financial Performance of TSRM Limited, Tiruchirappalli.pdf
Analysis of Liquidity Management in Companies Registered with BSE Sensex..pdf
Analysis of Market Efficiency of BSE-PSU Index..pdf
Analysis of Quarterly Earnings Announcement and Informational Efficiency of Indian Capital Market.pdf
Analysis of Risk and Return Relationship of Indian Equity (Dividend) Mutual Fund Schemes.pdf
Analysis of Sectoral Market Efficiency – A Study on Banking Sector.pdf
Anti-Dumping Agreement A Double Edged Sword.pdf
Behavior and Determinants of Equity Share Prices in India with Reference to Banking Industry..pdf
Book Building Method Conceptual Framework.pdf
Business Process Outsourcing A Glance.pdf
Calendar Anomalies in BSE Sensex Index Returns in Post Rolling Settlement Period.pdf
Can Google Trend Search Predict Stock Market Evidence from BSE.pdf
Case Study Method of Teaching.pdf
Challenges and Roadmap to convergence of IFRS in India..pdf
Concurrent Admission of Students The Best Alternative to Vacationalisation..pdf
Concurrent Admission.pdf
Corporate Environmental Accounting & Reporting Challenges.pdf
Corporate Governance and the Determinants of Dividend Policies of Information Technology Companies in India.pdf
Correlation between the Socio- Economic Background of Students of Distance Education and their Performance.pdf
Cross Border Mergers and Acquisitions- Trends and Implications in Indian Companies.pdf
Customer Satisfaction of Banking Services An Overview..pdf
Demutualization of Stock Exchanges A Comparison of NSE Model with International Model.pdf
Development of Indian Stock Exchanges in the WTO Era..pdf
Distance Education and Women Empowerment.pdf
Distance Education..pdf
Does the impact of converging with IFRS, By Pharmaceuticals Companies in India, Influence their stock market performance.pdf
Dropout of Distance Learners A Case Study.pdf
Effect of Intellectual capital on the performance indicators of Indian Metal Firms listed in National Stock Exchange of India Limited.pdf
Efficiency of Indian capital market to react adequately to the announcement of quarterly earnings A study in capital goods industry.pdf
Environmental Management Accounting – A Decision Making Tools.pdf
Equity Culture in Indian Capital Market..pdf
Equity Investment by Foreign Institution investors (FIIs) in the Capital Market.pdf
Factors Influencing Retail Investors’ Attitude Towards Investing in Equity Stocks A Study in Tamil Nadu..pdf
Financial Performance in the Banking Sector A Study with special reference to Kenyan Commercial Banks using Data Envelopment Analysis DEA.pdf
Financial Performance of Indian Manufacturing Companies during Pre and Post Merger.pdf
Forecasting the Time Volatility of Emerging Asian Stock Market Index.pdf
Fractal Analysis in the Indian Stock Market with Special Reference to CNX 500 Index Returns.pdf
Fractal Dimension of S&P CNX Nifty Stock Returns.pdf
Fractal Structure Analysis in the Indian Stock Market.pdf
Fractal analysis in the indian stock market with special reference to broad market index returns.pdf
Globalisation and Private Sector (Foreign) Mutual Funds in India.pdf
Green Shoe option and IPO Price Movements..pdf
Holiday Effect and Index Returns Evidence from the Indian Stock Market..pdf
Human Resource Development in Energy Management.pdf
Human Rights through Distance Mode..pdf
Impact of Index Futures and Options Introduction A Case of Spot Market Volatility in NSE.pdf
Impact of Index Futures and Options Introduction A case of Spot Market Volatility in BSE.pdf
Impact of Mergers on the Corporate Performance of Acquirer and Target Companies in India.pdf
Impact of Ownership Structure on Corporate Performance with Special Reference to BSE Listed Companies.pdf
Impact of Terrorism on Asian Stock Markets.pdf
Impact on Stock Price by the Inclusion and Exclusion from National Stock Exchange CNX.pdf
Indian CommerceManagement Education SWOT Analysis.pdf
Intellectual Capital Performance and its Impact on Indian Commercial Banking Industry.pdf
Investors Attitude on Stock Selection Decision.pdf
Investors’ Perception of the Factors Influencing the Stock Selection Decision.pdf
Investors’ Perception towards the Influence of SPERTEL Risks on the Value of Equity Shares A.pdf
LIC Housing Finance An Evolution.pdf
Liquidity Management – A Case Study.pdf
Marketing Mix A Study on Mutual Funds.pdf
Measuring the Satisfaction Level of Tourists A Study with Reference to Tiruchirappalli District, Tamil Nadu, India.pdf
Mergers and Acquisitions in the Banking Industry An Evaluation.pdf
Mergers and Acquisitions of Banks..pdf
Mergers and Acquisitions of Indian Companies Issues & Concerns..pdf
Merits and Demerits of E- Commerce.pdf
Open Learning Environment in India..pdf
Open University System.pdf
Performance Analysis of Indian Mutual Fund Industry A Study with Special reference to Sector Funds.pdf
Performance Evaluation of Mutual Fund Schemes (2).pdf
Performance Indicators of Kenyan Commercial Banks.pdf
Persistence and Long Range Dependence in Indian Stock Market Returns.pdf
Portfolio Risk and Return Relationship – An Empirical Study..pdf
Profitability of Chinthamani Super Market, Tiruchirappalli.pdf
Re-Examination of the Day of the Week Effect on the Indian Stock Market A Study with Reference to S&P CNX 500 Index.pdf
Receivable Management of Indian Automakers in a Revived Scenario.pdf
Relationship Between Corporate Social Performance and Financial Performance - An Examination of FRIFP Model.pdf
Relationship Between Corporate Social Performance and Financial Performance Private Sector Banks in India.pdf
Relationship Between real Exchange Rate and Economic Growth in India.pdf
Role of Distance Education in Human Resource Development.pdf
Service Loyalty Measurement Scale A Reliability Assessment.pdf
Service Quality Gaps A Retro Analysis..pdf
Service Quality Perceptions in Health Care Services-A case study of Hospital Services.pdf
Share Price Reaction to Mergers and Acqusitions_ A Study on ICICI Bank.pdf
Share Price Reactions During the Post IPO Period with Special Reference to India..pdf
Share price Reaction to mergers and Acquisitions A Comparative study of ICICI and HDFC banks.pdf
Social Objectives of Public Transport Undertaking.pdf
Social Responsibilities Vs Commercial Objectives in State Transport Undertaking.pdf
Stock Market Integration of India and USA A Study on Small and Medium Enterprises. (Working paper).pdf
Stock Market Reaction during the Global Financial Crisis in India Fractal Analysis.pdf
Stock Selection Ability of Indian Mutual Fund Managers under Conditional Models.pdf
Targets and Achievements of Small Scale Industries in Plan Periods.pdf
Teleconferencing in Distance mode of Education..pdf
Testing Informational Efficiency of Indian Capital Market A Study on Banking Industry.pdf
Testing Informational Efficiency of Indian Capital Market with Respect to Buyback Announcement A Study on Information Technology Industry.pdf
The Determinants of shareholders’ wealth of acquiring firms in India (2).pdf
The Development of Financial Institution in the Post – Liberalization Era..pdf
The Effect of Mergers and Acquisitions on Share holders’ wealth – An Empirical Analysis.pdf
The Impact of Investor’s Sentiment on the Equity Market Evidence from Indian Stock Market.pdf
The Linkages between Corporate Social Performance and Research and Development Evidence from Fortune Firms.pdf
The Relationship between Socially Responsible Investing SRI and Stock.pdf
The determinants of shareholders’ wealth of acquiring firms in India.pdf
The influence of Stock-Specific Factors on Investors’ Sentiment.pdf
V-Sat Network in Banking Operation..pdf
Venture Capital Indian Experience.pdf
Women Education through Distance Mode A Case Study.pdf
Working Capital Management Performance of Indian Steel Industry..pdf