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Files in the Directory An Empirical Analysis of Friday Effect in Bombay Stock Exchange.pdf
Caselets Teaching in Business Education.pdf
Causal Relationship Between Real Exchange Rate and Economic Growth in Asia – Pacific Region.pdf
Co Movements and Inter-Linkages among Emerging and Developed Stock Markets in Asia with Reference to Singapore Stock Exchange.pdf
Correlation Between Corporate Social Performance and Corporate Financial Performance Evidence from Indian Companies.pdf
Correlation between Level of Dissatisfaction and Dropout of Distance Learners A Case Study.pdf
Determinants of Firm Performance A Subjective Model.pdf
Forecasting the Stock Index Movements of India Application of Neural Networks.pdf
Impact of Dividend Announcement on Share Price_ An Evaluation Study.pdf
Intellectual Capital Its Effect on Financial Performance of Indian Private Sector Banks.pdf
Mannerisms of Millennials Why Are They Different.pdf
Price Efficiency of Initial Public Offerings in India.pdf
Relationship Between Real Exchange Rate and Economic Growth in Asia-Pacific Countries.pdf
Testing Environmental Kuznets Curve Hypothesis at Firm Level in India.pdf
Testing of Forecasting Beta under Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM)_ A Study with reference to National Stock Exchange (NSE) Listed Companies.pdf
Testing the Weak Form Efficiency with Respect to Sectoral Indices of National Stock Exchange Limited India.pdf
The Measurement of Service Quality Perception in Banking Sector.pdf
The Relationship between Google Trends Search and Energy Commodity Prices.pdf