16.1.0 Murugesan Selvam
16.1.1 Impact of Human Resource Development Climate Dimensions and Demographic Variables on Job Satisfaction in Public Healthcare Settings Musrrat Parveen
16.1.2 Empirical Evidence on the Short-Run & Long-Run Effect of IFRS Adoption on FDI in Developing Economies: the Algerian Context Youcef Mameche
16.1.3 Impact Of Corporate Image, Switching Cost and Customer Trust on Customer Satisfaction: Evidence from Listed Banking Sector Muhammad Zeeshan Rafiq,
Ji Cheng Jun,
Rizwan Ali,
Muhammad Kashif Majeed
and Muhammad Mohsin
16.1.4 Influence of Attributes of Mutual Funds on Investment Decision Gangu Naidu Mandala and
Suresh Sirisetti
16.1.5 The Integration of the Supply Chain in the Core Company Strategy: the Moderating Role of Supply Chain Uncertainty Abhishek Tripathi
16.1.6 Performance Measurement of Micro and Small Scale Enterprises in Developing Countries- A Study in Ethiopia Shuchi Gupta and
Abhishek Tripathi
16.1.7 Exploring Factors Influencing Consumer Resistance to Innovation by Applying Consumer Resistance Theory Mazhar Abbas and
Nimer Qayum Mir
16.1.8 Corporate Governance and Firms Performance A Case of India Ata Ul Haq,
Baofu Zhao and
Ramiz Ur Rehman
16.1.9 Impact of Job Insecurity on General Strain Issues of Employees through Moderated Meditational Analysis Naveed Saif and
Shadiullah Khan
16.1.10 Impact of International Trade on Economic Growth in A Developing Nation - A Case of Malaysia Halimahton Binti Borhan and
Geetha Subramaniam