13.2.0 Murugesan Selvam
13.2.1 Identification of Prominent Casting Defects and its Impact on Quality of Castings Dhananjay M. Wankhede
Narkhede B.E
and Mahajan, S.K.
13.2.2 Total Quality Management in Tourism Industry Tohid Kachwala
Ashu Sharma
and Shailaja Rego
13.2.3 Modelling Linkages of Logistics Performance in the Supply Chain - A Study of the Indian Textile Industry Siddhartha Rajagopal
Bala Krishnamoorthy
and Khanapuri , V. B.
13.2.4 Measuring the Effectiveness of Third Party Logistics in Contemporary Indian Industry Parthasarathi N. Mukherjee
and Mukund Madhav Tripathi
13.2.5 Rising Level of Stressed Assets in Public Sector Banks and their Impact on the Banks’ Stability in India Ashok Kumar Pandey
Chandan Dasgupta
and Tohid Kachwala
13.2.6 Empirical Study on the Employee Perception of Talent Management Processes in Indian Telecom Sector Priyanka Anand
and Puja Chhabra Sharma
13.2.7 A Study of Customers’ Perception and Satisfaction towards Housing Loans of LIC Housing Finance Ltd. and SBI Bank in Haldwani Region Manjari Agarwal
and Poonam Arya
13.2.8 Banks in India - Efficiency in Financing Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses under PMMY Scheme: DEA Approach Kavitha. P
and Pankaj Kumar Baag
13.2.9 Internet Financial Reporting Practices in India : A Study of Selected Indian Companies Balraj Singh
13.2.10 Asymmetric Effect in Indian and Chinese Stock Markets Lazar. D
and Vijayalakshmi Sundar